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Super Bowl Songs:
Sinatra, Como, the Drifters
and "Viva L.V.!"

The opening song for CBS-TV's Super Bowl LVIII broadcast came courtesy of Frank Sinatra with his anthemic, self-serving "My Way." As for the closing song, that was amped-up, victorious Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce singing/shouting "Viva Las Vegas" while onlooker/gf Taylor Swift tried to keep her cool. Would Elvis approve? Also heard on commercials during the game: Perry Como's chart-topping ... MORE ››

Top 100 Lists

Della Reese

Della Reese is represented on the list of the Top 100 Number-Title Songs of the '50s and '60s! Think of a hit with a numerical title...then see if it made the cut! ... MORE ››

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Peter and Gordon

The spring of 1964 commenced in the midst of the invasion. Stylishly-suited blighters armed with guitars and drumsticks were sending America's youth to the brink of abandoning their home-grown music heroes in favor of this Merseybeat movement from the British Isles. While every top-selling singing act that made an impact in the west owed a debt of gratitude to The Beatles, who'd inadvertently sparked the continental expansion, there were a handful who had more of a direct connection to that lovable rascal Ringo and his three fab frontmen, two of whom offered songs they'd written to these affiliated acts, usually (but not always) through a common association with Brian Epstein, who kept his plate full functioning as manager for Gerry and the Pacemakers ... MORE ››

Vinyl Attack Ned Miller

From a Jack to a King
Ned Miller

Salt Lake City-born singer Henry Ned Miller had a problem that interfered with his chosen career: as a young boy, he was uncomfortable around large crowds. By the time he reached adultood, it had developed into a nagging, persistent case of stage fright. Serving in the Marine Corps during World War II was less nerve-wracking than getting in front ... MORE ››