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Movies Have Nat, Sacha and Juliette, on TV it's Thurston, Mikis and Don and Phil

Popular movies, for the moment, are taking on an international flavor: Equalizer 3, the latest installment in Denzel Washington's crime series based on the '85-to-'89 TV thriller, is set in Italy, thus the inclusion of Nat "King" Cole's 1963 recording of "Tu Sei Cosi Amabile" (translation: "You Are So Lovely"). French singer Sacha Distel is also heard in the film singing "La Belle Vie" (a version of "The Good Life," a '63 hit ... MORE ››

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The Ames Brothers

The Ames Brothers are on the Top 100 Decca-Coral-Brunswick Hits 1958-1969 three times! See the list of hits from one of the era's major record companies... MORE ››

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The Crests

More than any other place, New York City is or at least should be considered the vocal group harmony hub of rock's formative years. Other major 'burgs had similar settings unique to their own surroundings, but where else could a fan of this exciting, if somewhat controversial, new music walk a few blocks and hear so many street corner harmonizers? Where might there be a better spot for a singer to so easily bond with other likeminded musical hopefuls? Philadelphia? Maybe. But Manhattan's Lower East Side, where a person merely had to step outside to get caught up in the scene, would seem to have an edge. Five singers who became known as The Crests started there and for a little while in 1959 and '60, four of them were at the top of the vocal group game. J.T. Carter always had a knack for harmony, often claiming ... MORE ››

Vinyl Attack Édith Piaf

I Wonder What She's
Doing Tonight?
Tommy Boyce
and Bobby Hart

To most music fans, the names Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart are inseparable. Their partnership was notable on at least two levels: as the primary songwriting and producing team for The Monkees, that phenomenal quartet of hitmaking network TV stars... MORE ››