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The Long Game: '50s Blasts from an Unsung Past

Of all the recent releases in theaters, The Long Game has the most unusual and interesting song track. A true story about a group of teenage Mexican caddies-turned-golfers in Texas who become underdogs in their quest to compete in the state championship, its 1950s setting is underscored by several regional hits (none of which made it big on a national basis), all originally issued between 1954 and '59. These largely-unknown pleasures included rock and roll tunes ("Bye Bye ... MORE ››

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Ronnie Dove

Ronnie Dove's all-time best selling single happens to have a "One" in the title...so it's on the list of the Top 100 Number-Title Songs of the '50s and '60s! ... MORE ››

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The Pips

In 1952, at the age of seven, Atlanta-born Gladys Maria Knight landed a spot on Ted Mack's Original Amateur Hour, TV's leading talent competition. Her singing captivated viewers, audience members and Mack, and a return trip to the series' yearly finals, taking place after her eighth birthday, netted her the top prize: two thousand bucks and a huge trophy almost as tall as she was. Shortly afterwards a vocal quintet was formed with her older brother Merald Knight (nickname: "Bubba"), sister Brenda Knight and cousins William Guest and Eleanor Guest. Another cousin, James Woods (nickname: "Pip"), went to work entering them in local singing contests; they named the group after him. A few years passed before they had a chance to make a record ... MORE ››

Vinyl Attack Herbie Mann

Comin' Home Baby
Herbie Mann

"Comin' Home Baby" is one of those songs that seems to come out great no matter who's performing it...especially if it's an instrumental act. Written by Ben Tucker, bass player for The Dave Bailey Quintet, the original October 1961 recording by drummer Bailey's band featured hot trumpet and sax breaks. When jazz flutist Herbie Mann's cooled ... MORE ››