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Hey, Zorba: "Get Ready" for "Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo"
and "Wooly Bully" to
Infiltrate Your Mind

The Temptations' crowd-pleasing "Get Ready" is the latest in a string of 1960s hits featured in commercials for Applebee's restaurants (coaxing viewers with images of juicy grilled steaks) while the original theme by Mikis Theodorakis from 1964's triple-Oscar-winning "Zorba the Greek" sets a European tone for the latest Adobe/Acrobat's Got It ad. Also, two classic "nonsense title"... MORE ››

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Jay and the Americans

Jay and the Americans pop up nine times on the list of the Top 100 United Artists Hits 1958-1969! Check out more artists from the famous record label... MORE ››

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The Four Preps

Formed while in high school in 1954, they looked and sounded younger, acted somewhat immature...and that was okay, as soon there would be an excess of "teen idols" (sparked by the explosive debut of Elvis) who were younger still, cutting in on their action as they had done with those "old" twentysomething quartets. David Nelson (who played himself on ABC-TV's The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet) was a fellow Hollywood High classmate with a kid brother named Ricky, whose destiny was to join the "Big E" in the top echelon...after a year or two, once he turned 16 and decided rock and roll was the happening thing. The Preps were right there in the thick of the late-'50s hitmaking movement wherein youngsters wrested a majority of singles sales from their ... MORE ››

Vinyl Attack Boyd Bennett and his Rockets

Boyd Bennett
and his Rockets

The rock and roll acts of the late '40s and early '50s mostly came from either a rhythm and blues background or the world of country, meeting somewhere in the middle as the evolving, hybrid new musical style gained steam. Bill Haley set a precedent for some of the rock groups to come. Boyd Bennett of Muscle Shoals ... MORE ››