Way Back 2022

Elvis by Luhrmann
Reimagines the Music of
Rock's All-Time Top Star

Baz Luhrmann's Elvis has arrived in theaters and contains a creative, surreal selection of Elvis Presley originals, mixes and mashups with several remakes by unlikely recording acts thrown in. Would the King approve? The question is certainly ripe for debate. For starters: "Trouble," "That's All Right," "Baby, Let's Play House" and "Hound Dog" are performed in the film by its star, Austin Butler. Award-winning country singer... MORE ››

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Moon Mullican

Honky tonk piano man Moon Mullican has two songs on the Top 100 King-Federal Hits 1950-1969! Check out the prolific lineup of artists ... MORE ››

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The Fleetwoods

In 1959, the year of rock and roll's greatest expansion by way of the proliferation of top 40 radio formats being established throughout the nation, at least one major recording act went against the trend with an ultra-soft harmonic sound. Yet in spite of this rather mature, parent- and grandparent-approved approach, The Fleetwoods represented America's teenagers, fresh out of high school themselves and accepted by their own generation. Barbara Ellis, Gretchen Christopher and Gary Troxel did their part to preserve melody as an essential part of popular music, an important aspect that remained for many years before waning; in the final year of the 1950s their melodious, harmonious vocal sound placed this Olympia, Washington act at the forefront. At first, Gretchen ... MORE ››

Vinyl Attack Jeannie C. Riley

Harper Valley P.T.A.
Jeannie C. Riley

By 1968, Tom T. Hall had been established for several years, having written hit songs for Jimmy Newman and Dave Dudley in addition to the patriotic "Hello Vietnam," a number one country hit for Johnny Wright in '65. Hall had also penned his first release as a singer, "I Washed My Face in the Morning Dew," in '67. The idea for his most famous... MORE ››