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Nat "King" Cole Leads a
Surge of Classic Songs
in Film and Television

Several pop standards and classic jazz tunes of the '50s and early '60s can be heard in current box office films: Dean Martin fave "That's Amore" is back, this time in The Garfield Movie. Actor-director Chris Pine's Poolman features "Los Angeles Blues" from Peggy Lee's 1962 Quincy Jones-produced album Blues Cross Country. Live/animated fantasy film If includes cherished N.Y. celeb Blossom Dearie's notable 1957 recording "Deed I Do"... MORE ››

Top 100 Lists

The Clovers

The Clovers' lucky numbers are "One" and "9" on the list of the Top 100 Number-Title Songs of the '50s and '60s! Check out the old-school digital tabulation ... MORE ››

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Gary (U.S.) Bonds

A high-profile career performing music was the dream Gary Anderson clung to while growing up. His family had moved northward from Jacksonville, Florida to Norfolk, Virginia during his infancy; it turned out to be a good spot to pursue his dreams outside the more obvious creative centers of N.Y., L.A., New Orleans, Chicago, Memphis, Nashville, et al. The street corner vocal group cliché applied to him as it did to the teenagers of those larger burgs; his group The Turks spent a good chunk of the mid-'50s harmonizing on Norfolk's streets and occasionally in or on nearby Virginia Beach. Later, Gary became a regular customer at Norfolk's hottest record store, Frankie's Birdland. The store's owner, Frank Guida, was originally from Palermo, Italy. His family emigrated to the Bronx ... MORE ››

Vinyl Attack Randy and the Rainbows

Randy and the Rainbows

Getting a nationwide top ten hit required a lot of compromise from Dominick Safuto and his group known at the time as Junior and the Counts, enough so that they'd undergone a complete style change shortly before the fateful song was recorded. Dominick became Randy, there was a new buzzword (rainbow!) and the song was about... MORE ››