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Handmaid's Plays with Everly Tunes, Don't Worry Darling Takes Mindbending
Liberties with Classic Songs

On TV: Season five of The Handmaid's Tale has begun streaming on Hulu and the first two episodes have something musically in common. The opening scene of each starts with "All I Have to Do is Dream" by The Everly Brothers, though episode one features the original chart-topping 1958 version recorded for Cadence Records while the second plays the re-recording done by the Everlys for Warner... MORE ››

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Georgia Gibbs

Georgia Gibbs appears three times on the list of the Top 100 Mercury-Smash-Philips Hits 1950-1969! See all the rankings from these classic labels... MORE ››

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Jimmy Reed

You might call him "The Blues Everyman," just representing ordinary people, revealing basic feelings about relationships, be they romantic or business. Unlike many of his contemporaries, Jimmy Reed generally avoided really dire themes in his songs, most of which he wrote himself, preferring simple narratives of love gained or lost. Establishing a routine early, his songs all sounded markedly similar (a slow-to-medium shuffling beat, standard rhythm guitar riffs, casually appealing harmonica interludes and a vocal approach prone to lyric slurring), steering clear of the urgency conveyed by other '50s bluesmen. For some, a repetitious formula such as this might be good for one or two hit records, but in Reed's case it gained him a legion of followers; he averaged one or ... MORE ››

Vinyl Attack The Rip Chords

Hey Little Cobra
the Rip Chords

Two guys from Inglewood, fresh out of high school, musically-inclined and fans of the era's rock and doo wop sounds, decided around 1957 to start a two-man band. High-voiced Ernie Bringas and deeper-toned Phil Stewart called themselves The Opposites, made a demo record, sent copies to labels large and small, and experienced the ... MORE ››