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A This Is Us Season of Magical Music, Everlys, Creedence and Cash Take Up Additional Slack

NBC's beloved series This Is Us has come to an end - "It's all over but the crying," some are saying. A variety of song types have been sprinkled over the sixth and final season, some of them matching the story lines. Among the earlier essentials: "April Come She Will" by Simon and Garfunkel, "Ooo Baby Baby" by The Miracles, "Colours" by Donovan and "The Circle Game" by Joni Mitchell. Bonus: Brenda Lee's ... MORE ››

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Billy Ward and his Dominoes

With seven songs, Billy Ward and his Dominoes are big shots on the list of the Top 100 King-Federal Hits 1950-1969! Check out 93 more classic tracks ... MORE ››

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Perez Prado

The most popular Latin music has always been about dancing...the steps, the beat, la pasión. The Tango, a dance designed with couples in mind, came out of Argentina around the turn of the century with movements, perceived by some as suggestive, fueling its popularity. The Samba, a methodical extension of primitive, tribal African dances, developed in Brazil around the same time, reaching its peak during the 1940s and '50s. The Rumba, a musical style compatible with these and other dances, gained favor in Cuba during the '30s and '40s, popularized in the U.S. by Spanish-born, Havana-based bandleader Xavier Cugat. Cuban conga man Desi Arnaz made a name for himself in Miami in the late '30s, later performing with Cugat before starting his own band ... MORE ››

Vinyl Attack Ssgt Barry Sadler

The Ballad of the
Green Berets
♦ by SSgt Barry Sadler

Special operations units of the military were formed in the years following World War II as the U.S. government discerned a need for specific areas of training should unforeseen opponents become serious threats. The branches established their own divisions, such as the Tactical Air Command, Navy SEALS, Marine Corps... MORE ››