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  THE BEATLESI Want to Hold Your Hand  I Want to Hold Your
  Hand / I Saw Her
  Standing There
 She Loves You  She Loves You /
  I'll Get You
 Please Please Me  Please Please Me /
  From Me to You
 My Bonnie  My Bonnie / The
 Souvenir of Their Visit to America  Souvenir of Their
  Visit to America
Twist and Shout  Twist and Shout
Do You Want to Know a Secret  Do You Want to
  Know a Secret /
  Thank You Girl
Love Me Do  Love Me Do /
  P.S. I Love You
Four by the Beatles  Four by the Beatles
Ain't She Sweet  Ain't She Sweet /
  Nobody's Child
A Hard Day's Night  A Hard Day's Night /
  I Should Have
  Known Better
A Hard Day's Night  A Hard Day's Night
I'll Cry Instead  I'll Cry Instead /
  I'm Happy Just to
  Dance With You
And I Love Her  And I Love Her /
  If I Fell
Matchbox  Matchbox /
  Slow Down
I Feel Fine  I Feel Fine /
  She's a Woman
Vee-Jay Christmas  Vee-Jay Christmas
4 by the Beatles  4 by the Beatles
Eight Days a Week  Eight Days a Week /
  I Don't Want to Spoil
  the Party
I Don't Want to Spoil the Party  I Don't Want to Spoil
  the Party / Eight
  Days a Week
Ticket to Ride  Ticket to Ride /
  Yes It Is
Help!  Help! / I'm Down Yesterday  Yesterday /
  Act Naturally
The Beatles' Million Sellers  The Beatles' Million
  Sellers (EP)
We Can Work it Out  We Can Work it Out /
  Day Tripper

Nowhere Man  Nowhere Man /
  What Goes On
Paperback Writer  Paperback Writer /

Yellow Submarine  Yellow Submarine /
  Eleanor Rigby
Penny Lane  Penny Lane /
  Strawberry Fields   Forever
Strawberry Fields Forever  Strawberry Fields
  Forever / Penny
All You Need is Love  All You Need is Love /
  Baby, You're a Rich
Hello Goodbye  Hello Goodbye /
  I Am the Walrus
Magical Mystery Tour  Magical Mystery
  Tour (EP)
Lady Madonna  Lady Madonna /
  The Inner Light
The Ballad of John and Yoko  The Ballad of John
  and Yoko / Old
  Brown Shoe

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