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Lloyd Price Ballpark Tune

"Fingertips," Little Stevie Wonder's number one hit from 1963, enters the horror realm through its use in director Jordan Peele's latest creepy-scary film Nope, currently pulling in big box office numbers. French comedy My Donkey, My Lover and I has some fun with a song from the 1960 John Wayne epic The Alamo: "My Rifle, My Pony and Me," sung by costars Dean Martin and Ricky Nelson ... MORE ››

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Bobby Lewis

Bobby Lewis has the hottest single on the Top 100 King-Federal Hits 1950-1969...and that's not all! Check out the full list from Cincinnati's great label ... MORE ››

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Chad and Jeremy

On the subject of vocal duos Peter and Gordon and Chad and Jeremy: have you ever gotten them confused or wondered who did which song? Both acts were British-born and popular around the same time; Peter Asher has referred to them as near-identical, each consisting of a "short, nerdy, bespectacled singer" doing the high part with a "taller, better-looking lead singer" who happened to be second-billed. Were C&J P&G's doppel-gangers? Not quite, considering Chad and Jeremy had begun making records about six months earlier! David Stuart Chadwick, nicknamed "Chad" by childhood schoolmates in Windermere, loved everything about music: writing, producing, arranging and performing. He mastered many instruments (piano, banjo, lute, flute ... MORE ››

Vinyl Attack The Jamies

Summertime, Summertime
♦ by the Jamies

'Well, shut them books and throw 'em away...say goodbye to dull school days...' Tom knew his intended audience probably wouldn't accept his hot weather cantata (itself a modification or well structured parody of what they'd learned singing in choirs) unless its lyrics were relatably cynical about the institution of (higher, lower: take your pick)... MORE ››