Way Back 2017

Etta Phones It In, Elvis, Isleys, Banana Splits, Bo, Santana, Aretha, Dino, Otis and
Dinah Thrive in Theaters

Sometimes I get a good feeling: "Something's Got a Hold on Me"...and all the rest of us! Etta James' 1962 hit is all over the tube in a commercial for the LG G6 phone. Other current way back tracks can be found in mostly-juvenile (and top-$$$-generating) big screen films. The Boss Baby features Elvis Presley's "Viva Las Vegas" and singalong "The Tra La La Song (One Banana, Two Banana)"... MORE ››

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The Spaniels

The Spaniels pop uf twice on the list of the Top 100 Vee-Jay Hits 1954-1966! Check out all the great tunes from the legendary Chicago record label! ... MORE ››

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Chuck Berry

We all know Chuck Berry is one of the greatest of all rock and roll artists. Having mastered the new art form by the mid-'50s, he went beyond simply promoting himself; he celebrated on behalf of the entire rock community, extolling the virtues of this music designed primarily for teenagers. You've heard the stories about Chuck: how he grew up in St. Louis and at an older age than most, his late twenties, traveled to Chicago, met Muddy Waters and auditioned for Leonard Chess of Chess Records per Muddy's suggestion ... His guitar playing influenced by trailblazing 1940s blues great T-Bone Walker, Chuck began working clubs in St. Louis, eventually landing steady gigs with pianist Johnnie Johnson and his trio. A brief association with Joe Alexander and the Cubans in 1954 resulted in a calypso-styled recording on the ... MORE ››

Vinyl Attack Dodie Stevens

Pink Shoe Laces
by Dodie Stevens

The song itself is undeniably juvenile, yet the singer sounds mature. Still, the lyrics give it away as something less than serious. When Mickie Grant wrote 'I've got a guy and his name is Dooley, he's my guy and I love him truly...he's not good lookin', heaven knows, but I'm wild about his crazy clothes!' it marked the second time in the space of a few ... MORE ››