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'60s Hits Hot in Theaters, Della Reese Reps McDonald's/Uber, Revere/Raiders Fuel QT/Hollywood Frenzy

Musically, May movies are flashing ticket buyers back more than half a century. Marvel's 800 million megahit Avengers: Endgame rocks with Traffic (title track "Dear Mr. Fantasy" from the band's 1967 debut album) and Steppenwolf ("Hey Lawdy Mama"), while Pokemon Detective Pikachu opts for lighter fare from the same period ("Happy Together" by The Turtles, "What a Wonderful... MORE ››

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Jo Stafford

Jo Stafford got a head start in the mid-1940s and was red hot by the '50s, securing a solid ranking on the list of the Top 100 Music Artists of the '50s and '60s!... MORE ››

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There are so many "Lulus" I can't keep track of them all. Like the 1918 silent film Lulu starring Bela Lugosi and several other films with the same title that have come out since. Then there's Little Lulu, created by comic artist Marge in 1935, whose adventures ran in newspapers, magazines and comic books for decades. And Alban Berg's Lulu opera of the 1930s, Lulu Island near Vancouver, British Columbia, a Chinese actress named Lulu, and...well, you can see what I'm getting at. That brings me to Marie Lawrie of Glasgow, Scotland, a singing ball of fire who, at age 15, became perhaps the best-known Lulu of the bunch. Growing up the daughter of a butcher in a poor Glasgow neighborhood, Marie was obsessed with music, particularly American ... MORE ››

Vinyl Attack Santo and Johnny

Sleep Walk
by Santo and Johnny

The Farina brothers of Brooklyn, New York spent most of their formative years learning, and mastering, acoustic and electric guitar technique. Santo Farina (born in 1937) and Johnny (born in '41) weren't immediately aware of the musical movement prevalent in the Pacific Islands so far across the globe from their Italian neighborhood. But ... MORE ››