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The 3-D craze in cinema appeared to be short-lived and many predicted an early demise when the gimmick debuted in late 1952. Presented with great fanfare, the reality of those awkward tinted, disposable glasses required for viewing soon grew tiring. Horror film House of Wax, starring Vincent Price, was released in the spring of '53 and is among the more infamous of three-dimensional movies, yet the effects do little to make the experience more frightening (in one ... MORE ››

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Ricky Nelson

Ricky Nelson's eleven entries on the Top 100 Teen Idol Hits of the '50s and '60s came between his 17th and 20th birthdays! See 89 more songs of youthful yearning... MORE ››

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The Righteous Brothers

Before bringing out The Righteous Brothers on a 1965 installment of ABC-TV's Shindig, host Jimmy O'Neill said fans had been sending in questions about the act such as, "Are they really brothers?" and "Are they really righteous?" He didn't offer any answers, going straight to the duo instead and they were exciting, as usual. Bill Medley and Bobby Hatfield, in fact, were one of those fortunate pairings: deep soulful voice meets high wailing soul man. It had happened before with black R&B acts. But for a couple of white guys from Orange County, California to come together and fit so well was less likely. Medley was born and raised in Santa Ana. Hatfield's family moved from Beaver Dam, Wisconsin to Anaheim when he was a small child. Later ... MORE ››

Vinyl Attack Fireflies

You Were Mine
by Fireflies

Bass player Lee Reynolds started a band in Brooklyn around 1957 with two guitarists, Richard Ziegler and Carl Girasoli. They came to be known as Fireflies, remembered primarily for a ballad, "You Were Mine," about teenage love long past, a song on which drummer and songwriter Paul Giacalone pinned his showbiz hopes and ... MORE ››