Tales from the Atomic Age

Sopranos in the Sky

Renata Tebaldi, about the same age as Callas, became a star at the same time, sparking a rivalry between the divas; Renata also performed often at the Met starting in 1955, more than a year before Maria's debut. The situation became gossip-worthy with an October 1956 Time magazine article that claimed Callas had likened herself to Tebaldi in unflattering terms: "It would be like comparing champagne with cognac, or better with Coca-Cola!" Tebaldi triumphed over Callas... MORE ››

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The Searchers

Liverpool's Searchers have made their mark on the Top 100 British Invasion Hits 1958-1967! Check out the songs that led the charge across the Atlantic... MORE ››

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Bobby Bland

When 15-year-old Robert Calvin Brooks moved with his family to Memphis in 1945, he had a decision to make. Coming from the nearby rural towns of Rosemark and Barretville with only a third grade education, he could either enroll in high school and attempt to make up for lost time or find work and try to achieve some measure of independence in the bigger city. Rather than face embarrassment in school, as his reading and writing skills were marginal, he chose the latter. No job was off-limits; for a time he delivered groceries and later he obtained a drivers' license and made better money parking cars, a somewhat prestigious position as most of his friends hadn't learned to drive. During this time he sang in gospel groups and plotted the path he would take in life. Singing won out...and we're all the better for it. In 1950, his mother and stepfather opened a restaurant called ... MORE ››

Vinyl Attack Travis and Bob

Tell Him No
Travis and Bob

The Sandy label of Mobile, Alabama released about 40 records between 1957 and 1962, plus a handful of others on two subsidiary labels. The artists were mostly country singers and rock and rollers, yet only one record in all that time, a song influenced by The Everly Brothers called "Tell Her No," was a national hit. The song's originators, Travis... MORE ››