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Time for More "Puppy Love" and Another Classic Hair Hit

Staying healthy with the High Priestess: Nina Simone is now a spokesperson for One-A-Day vitamins through the use of her 1968 recording of "Ain't Got No; I Got Life" (from the Broadway musical Hair) on a current commercial. Pooch Perfect, ABC-TV's dog-grooming reality show starring Rebel Wilson (of the Pitch Perfect movie series) has a promo running for its second season featuring what must be the most obvious song choice: Paul Anka's 1960 hit "Puppy Love" ... MORE ››

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The Impressions

Curtis Mayfield's Impressions are on the list of the Top 100 ABC-Paramount Hits 1956-1969 nine times! Check out the best from the mountaintop label ... MORE ››

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Ray Stevens

Some colossal nerve it took for a guy like Ray Stevens to think he could deliver a raft of childishly silly novelty songs, some bordering on poor taste, then turn 180 degrees with serious, sentimental and sometimes thought-provoking music, teeter-tottering from one type of song to another, achieving success both ways! Sure, many so-called serious artists had one or two humorous tunes in their repertoire. But Ray went off the rails with his strange sense of humor, populating his songs with a comic-strippish cast of characters including a flashy desert nomad, a little lady who wails the blues, a fleet-footed flasher, a yard full of chickens, a teen idol ape and a band with an ape man frontman! In between he protested the practices of tycoon advantage-takers, lamented his weak-in-the-knees romantic tendencies and touched on topics of patriotism, alcoholism and life's daily struggles while insisting the world is a beautiful place. This one-of-a-kind musical ... MORE ››

Vinyl Attack Bobby Moore and the Rhythm Aces

Searching For My Love
Bobby Moore and
the Rhythm Aces

"Searching For My Love" is one of the best rhythm and blues records of the 1960s. Bobby Moore and the Rhythm Aces are the parties responsible for it. But was it a big hit? That depends on where you lived at the time. It barely made the airwaves in New York, then was quickly gone. Likewise in Chicago ... MORE ››