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Netflix Digs Divas (Bassey, Longet, Streisand), Doom Patrol and Twilight Zone Value Seasoned Musical Coolness

As the search continues for more binge-worthy television offerings with vintage music song-spikes, Netflix comes up again and again. The Politician, despite its modern setting, is all over the musical map yet seems to favor vintage divas; three '60s tunes by Welsh belter Shirley Bassey ("With These Hands," "If You Go Away," "This is My Life") are featured in the first season in addition to Claudine Longet's ... MORE ››

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The Beach Boys

The Beach Boys impress with seven songs on the Top 100 Capitol Hits 1950-1969...but you already know they're one of the company's all-time top acts! ... MORE ››

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Manfred Mann

Johannesburg-born jazz pianist Manfred Lubowitz called himself Manfred Mann, which also wound up being the name of the band he fronted, a notion he vetoed to no avail. Turns out the dual-purpose I.D. wasn't such an annoyance for Lubowitz, as the act racked up a string of hit records spanning more than a decade, establishing an agreeable semi-name-change along the way. Still, the question lingers: Is Manfred Mann a man, or a band...or a brand name? By 1961, when he turned 21, Lubowitz left South Africa, its racially-segregated apartheid system that had been in effect since the late '40s unbearable to many of the country's residents. He'd previously studied classical music at Witwatersrand University and played jazz in local clubs, at ... MORE ››

Vinyl Attack The Singing Nun

the Singing Nun

The life of Jeanne-Paule Marie Deckers didn't proceed as anyone expected, even Deckers herself. This strong-willed Belgian nun certainly had a mind of her own; her songwriting, singing and guitar playing charmed everyone around her, including the head nuns at the Missionary Dominican Sisters of Our Lady of Fichermont, located in Waterloo ... MORE ››