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Norm Petty's Trendy While Stewart, Gershwin, Monro, Barry and Soul Man Brown Never Stopped Being Cool

The hot song of the month could be called a modern romantic classic done as a collaboration of two musical icons from different continents. "A Petite Concerto (Illusions of Grandeur)," written by Norman Petty (best known for his Clovis, New Mexico productions of Buddy Holly, The Fireballs and other famous rock acts), recorded at the Lansdowne Studio in England in 1964 with Ivor Raymonde... MORE ››

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The Dave Clark Five

The Dave Clark Five makes an impressive eight-song stand on the Top 100 British Invasion Hits 1958-1967! Check out the list of U.K. smashes ... MORE ››

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Classics IV

Little did Dennis Yost realize, at the age of seven when his family moved from Detroit, Michigan to Jacksonville, Florida, that he would become one of the top stars of the southern music scene of the '60s. He and Walter Eaton met while attending Andrew Jackson High School; each was a member of a competing band, though the names are misleading as neither group has any connection to more popular acts you may have heard on the radio at some point: Dennis was a drummer for The Echoes who sometimes sang and Wally was a singer for ... MORE ››

Vinyl Attack Glenn Yarbrough

You'll Lose a Good Thing
Barbara Lynn

"You'll Lose a Good Thing," one of the best-known hit songs to come out of the U.S. Gulf Coast region between Houston and New Orleans, was produced by Huey P. Meaux, who proudly wore the nickname "The Crazy Cajun," personally and professionally. He opened a barber shop in 1958 in Beaumont, Texas (about 125 miles west of his ... MORE ››