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Alicia Keys, hostess of the 61st Grammy Awards, demonstrated a rare skill, giving credit to her influence: "Shout out to Hazel Scott, 'cause I always wanted to play two pianos!" (just like Trinidadian prodigy Scott did in the 1943 musical The Heat's On, on one white and one black piano); her medley of songs "I wish I'd written" spanned the decades and included Irving Gordon's song "Unforgettable," made famous by Nat "King"... MORE ››

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Tony Bennett

Tony Bennett holds a high position on the list of the Top 100 Music Artists of the '50s and '60s...no surprise! Check out the diversity of the era's top acts... MORE ››

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The Platters

Buck Ram was the man whose master plan was to place The Platters in the stratosphere. He wasn't around at the beginning, though, so success would have to wait. Ralph Bass was the first Platters manager. Kansas City-born singer Herb Reed was there in 1953, responsible for coming up with the Los Angeles-based group's name; he liked they way radio announcers called the latest records "platters." Cornell Gunter (later enjoying a successful run with hitmakers The Coasters), David Lynch, Gaynel Hodge and Joe Jefferson were with the outfit in its earliest days, but the lineup changed quickly as most of the guys departed for apparent greener pastures with other vocal acts. Within months Reed, Lynch and Hodge were joined by New Jersey native Tony Williams ... MORE ››

Vinyl Attack Ron Holden

Love You So
by Ron Holden

The events of Ron Holden's life didn't go exactly as planned. For one thing, he spent three months in jail. Then there was a little problem with his first wife; his incarceration didn't bother her, but she divorced him when the big bucks didn't come rolling in from his music career. Things got better after that, but time was at a premium...he died at the age of 57... MORE ››