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"Flower Power" followers were less specific about styles dictated by the fashion world, instead just taking a free-form approach that often involved bright, flowery colors. Women favored old-fashioned "grandma dresses" and men showed a preference for tie-dye shirts with random psychedelic designs. Songs that tied in to the late '60s movement were popular in the months surrounding 1967's "Summer of Love": "The Flower Children" by Marcia Strassman ... MORE ››

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Guy Mitchell

Singer and movie-and-TV actor Guy Mitchell can be found close to the middle of the Top 100 Music Artists of the '50s and '60s. Check out the rest of the list... MORE ››

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Joe Tex

In 1965, Joseph Arrington, Jr. had his first big hit, "Hold What You've Got." Perseverance got him to that point as he'd been making records for almost ten years. Nicknamed Joe Tex from the start, this native of Rogers, Texas was a cool guy. He had advice for everyone, especially when it came to romance and moral behavior. The long road to stardom got under way in 1955 when he made the journey from the Lone Star State to New York City's Apollo Theater, taking control of the crowds and coming in first place on more than one "Amateur Night." Syd Nathan, owner of King records, offered him a chance to record, and his debut, the self-penned "Come in This House," came out in early 1956. After several releases but no breakthrough hit, King cut him loose ... MORE ››

Vinyl Attack The Crescendos

Oh Julie
by the Crescendos

WSIX-TV in Nashville, Tennessee signed on in 1953 as an affiliate of the rapidly expanding ABC television network. Several personalities were hired and became local celebrities, among them radio deejay Noel Ball. Later in the decade, Ball could be seen crusing all over town in his pink and white '55 Ford Crown Victoria. Not unlike the local stars... MORE ››