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Pop Songs Go Along with Godzilla and Kong, S'mores, Banking and...Nobody

Godzilla vs. Kong, which pits the 1950s superstar monster against the 1930s superstar monster for the umpteenth time, has opened to the best box office figures of the year thus far. The film itself opens with King Kong awakening to Bobby Vinton's hit 1963 rendition of Johnnie and Joe's "Over the Mountain (Across the Sea)." Our guy 'Zilla, on the other hand, has no comparable tendency towards soothing romantic music ... MORE ››

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The Mamas and the Papas

Six classic tracks by The Mamas and the Papas are on the list of the Top 100 ABC-Paramount Hits 1956-1969! Check out 94 more from the alphabet label... MORE ››

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The Doors

The name of the soon-to-be superstar Southern Cal rock band came from a line in William Blake's poetic work of the 1790s, The Marriage of Heaven and Hell: "If the doors of perception were cleansed every thing would appear to man as it is, infinite." That, in turn, supplied Aldous Huxley with the title of his written account of taking mescaline, published in 1954 as The Doors of Perception, which later became a handbook of sorts for practitioners of 1960s drug culture. The Doors were off and running by the end of 1965. The name, confusing to many at first, would not be changed. They twisted the knob, entered the portal to the music industry, and turned it upside-down. Some of Morrison's songs (including "Hello, I Love You" and "Moonlight... MORE ››

Vinyl Attack Sal Mineo

Start Movin' (In My Direction)
♦ by
Sal Mineo

Sal Mineo was a natural performer whose multiple and varied talents couldn't be denied. How many are there who could claim success in theater (an actor and director), films (an award winner), television (a dramatic actor and panel show personality), music (with a top ten hit to his credit) and as an artist's model (on display to this day... MORE ››