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Tying Up a Few of '19's
Musical Loose Ends with Noble,
Gore, Como and Sinatra

Wrapping up the year (and the decade!), here are some of December's scattered retro melodies heard in commercials and on the big screen: "Accidents Will Happen" by British rock chick Patsy Ann Noble (from the 1963 film "Live it Up!) reached American ears some five-point-six decades late via a Heineken Beer snare. Lesley Gore's classic statement of independence, "You Don't Own Me," turned up for the second time in as... MORE ››

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The Sweet Inspirations

The Sweet Inspirations achieved greatness in the spotlight as well as the background...and they're #23 on the Top 100 Girl Groups of the '50s and '60s! ... MORE ››

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Andy Williams

The tiny town of Wall Lake, in western Iowa, has one big claim to fame. The Williams Brothers (Don, Bob, Dick and Howard) were born there, but the singing siblings aren't exactly the big distinction I'm talking about. After a time in show business, the four became two and ultimately two became one. Andy Williams (first name Howard), the youngest and most accomplished family member, is the one who gave Wall Lake its footnote in music's history books. In the late 1930s, the teenage brothers (in Andy's case, adolescent) made their name through radio appearances. The family made a few moves, resulting in a live-microphone stint on WHO in Des Moines, followed by similar jobs in Cincinnati (at WLW) and Chicago (at WLS). Loftier goals ... MORE ››

Vinyl Attack Barbara Mason

El Watusi
Ray Barretto

Ray Barretto would one day realize that the first 34 years of his life had been leading up to the moment when two guys would get into a heated argument about a seven-foot man who might be handsome, or might be ugly, but either way everyone runs when they see him. And Ray would supply a Latin music score to this nonsensical Spanish debate and... MORE ››