Way Back 2015

Redding's Merry, Simone's Somebody, Presley Rocks Prison, Guaraldi Pops Peanuts, Bond's '62 Theme Still Rules

The holiday movie season is well under way and older sounds are supplying a fair share of the musical backdrop. Love the Coopers (a generational comedy headed by Diane Keaton and John Goodman) features Otis Redding's superb rendition of "Merry Christmas Baby" and Nina Simone's 1969 take on "To Love Somebody," The Bee Gees' 1967 ode to amor, in addition to three vintage songs by ... MORE ››

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Glasgow, Scotland's Lulu stakes her claim on the Top 100 Female Solo Singers of the '50s and '60s! Check out the entire list of wondrous warbling women ... MORE ››

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Ray Charles

Albany, Georgia was the birthplace of Ray Charles Robinson in 1930 during the heart of the depression. His family moved to Greenville, Florida during his infancy. He witnessed his younger brother, George Robinson, drown in a bathtub, a devastating image he carried with him long after losing his sight. His father departed soon afterwards and his mother died when he was 15, at which point his interest in music was the only thing that mattered. It became his way of creating a world he couldn't see, a world made up entirely of sounds. He'd attended the St. Augustine school for the blind, deaf and dumb, as they called it then, baffled by the segregation within the state-run school's system ("Imagine separating kids according to color when we couldn't even see each other!"), but quit after ... MORE ››

Vinyl Attack The Electric Prunes

I Had Too Much to Dream (Last Night)
♦ by the Electric Prunes ♦

In 1966, Los Angeles-based songwriter Annette Tucker was starting to have a little success (with Linda and Keith Colley, she composed "High on Love," impacting radio briefly that summer via a version by New Jersey group The Knickerbockers). Annette and Nancie Mantz (whose path as a songwriter had also ... MORE ››