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Football Feeling

Home Again, the latest romantic comedy starring Reese Witherspoon, holds the highest "oldies" count among current box office offerings. "He Was Really Sayin' Somethin'," the 1965 single from fourth-seeded Motown girl group The Velvelettes, "Baby You Got It," Brenton Wood's third top 40 hit in a row from '67 and Aretha Franklin's Lady Soul album cut "Groovin'" (that '...on a Sunday ... MORE ››

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The Chords

It's The Chords on Cat, giving the Top 100 Atlantic-Atco Hits of the '50s and '60s a little "Sh-Boom"! Check out the top sounds of N.Y.'s great label... MORE ››

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Jerry Butler

A few years into his solo career, Jerry Butler, an established nightclub headliner with several hit records to his credit, suddenly found himself in a tough spot during a performance at Philadephia's Uptown Theater. Due to an electrical malfunction, Jerry's microphone didn't work and the band was unable to back him properly. But he sang anyway, taking a chance that the acoustics in the modest-sized venue would allow everyone in the crowd to hear him. What the audience experienced was a clear, completely unenhanced a cappella vocal performance. The reaction to this unusual approach came off as nothing less than overwhelming. Afterwards popular WDAS personality Georgie Woods, who'd booked him and witnessed the quick-thinking display of pure talent, raved about how "cool" it was. Then he started calling Jerry "The Ice ... MORE ››

Vinyl Attack Big Jay McNeely

There is Something
on Your Mind
♦ by Big Jay McNeely ♦

The hot sax style can be traced back to drummer and vibes master Lionel Hampton, who utilized saxophonist Illinois Jacquet on his 1943 recording of "Flying Home." The sax solo on that breakthrough hit, though mild by later standards, was unique for its time and aroused many young jazz musicians into trying... MORE ››