Way Back 2017

Food and Sports Ads Nab Sam, Dave, Comets and Irma, FX
Airs Blenders, Three Billboards Gets Four Tops, Disney and Williams Indicate "Time"

Subway is spreading the word about its Reuben sandwich with commercials featuring "Wrap it Up," Sam and Dave's sweat-popping '68 flip side, and "Rock Around the Clock," Bill Haley and his Comets' mid-'50s paragon for pop culture change. NFL Network's NFL Gameday Morning is doing its part to return Irma Thomas to prominence by using "Anyone Who ... MORE ››

Top 100 Lists

Bobby Rydell

Bobby Rydell shows up five times on the list of the Top 100 Teen Idol Hits of the '50s and '60s! See the top tracks from the era's youthful music makers ... MORE ››

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Jimmie Rodgers

Compared to other popular 20th century entertainers, Jimmie Rodgers has faced more than his share of hardship. A major American singing star with a number one hit early in his career, he later hosted his own television series and was, for a time, a household name. Then suddenly his luck changed; he was the victim of the most brutal kind of beating that left him near death, followed by a long, tedious rehabilitation...only to be afflicted later in life by a disorder that made it difficult to speak, much less sing. Yet he remained suprisingly upbeat despite suffering through one daunting physical challenge after another. He grew up in Camas, Washington, just across the Columbia River from Portland, Oregon, a child like any other but with a fascination for music ... MORE ››

Vinyl Attack Smiley Lewis

I Hear You Knocking
by Smiley Lewis

Burly, big-voiced New Orleans-based guitarist Overton Amos Lemons enjoyed the most successful period of his career at an age well beyond that of his contemporaries. With a booming baritone that didn't necessarily require the use of a microphone, the forty-something Lemons, familiar to music fans as Smiley Lewis, seemed to exist in the shadow of a ... MORE ››