Tales from the Atomic Age

Sopranos in the Sky

Giuditta Pasta, born in Italy in 1797, achieved her greatest success in Italy and France during the 1820s and has been cited as an inspiration to many of the best modern coloraturas. Jenny Lind hailed from Sweden, became a star soprano in her native land starting in the late 1830s while still in her teens, and later performed in the United States, as did Adelina Patti of Spain, who also began late in her teenage years and was a major star in the 1860s and '70s. Antoinette Sterling ... MORE ››

Top 100 Lists

The Jaynetts

The Jaynetts' ticket to the Top 100 Girl Groups of the '50s and '60s was a song about a girl named "Sally." See the other 99 who made the list! ... MORE ››

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The Rolling Stones

I was a Stones guy back in the day. It's a dilemma dating back to the '60s itself: you were either a Beatles person or a Rolling Stones person. You can like both, but each individual has a preference for one or the other (the question has also been applied pitting Elvis against the Beatles). I was a fan of the Beatles back then (as now), but was perhaps a bit too young to understand any great significance in their work. As the decade progressed and I grew up, it was the Stones' blues-based sound I was drawn to. The "bad boy" image, a sharp contrast to my own sense of self, was something I found forbidden yet appealing, an emotion others have taken further through emulation. Later my fondness for the music of the ... MORE ››

Vinyl Attack The Five Satins

In the Still of the Nite
the Five Satins

The lineup of this New Haven, Connecticut vocal quintet went through many, many changes. With the exception of founder Fred Parris, guys were joining and leaving, some coming back for a time, mixing things up to such a degree that there weren't always five singers in the group. To keep things even more interesting they used several ... MORE ››