Way Back 2019

Once Upon a Time with
Los Bravos, Cilla, Roy,
Donovan and Bing, Plus
Bonus Bo and Ricky

Madrid, Spain's top '60s band Los Bravos is about to have one of the big songs of summer '19! "Bring a Little Lovin'" rocked radio in 1968 and now it's electrifying trailers for director Quentin Tarantino's long-awaited Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, arriving in theaters July 26. As for films already in circulation, the new Hellboy features Cilla Black's 1964 U.K. chart-topper "Anyone ... MORE ››

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Patti Page

Patti Page, "The Singing Rage," holds a high position on the Top 100 Music Artists of the '50s and '60s...at #6! Check out the list of the era's best ... MORE ››

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The 5th Dimension

With an impressive two-year string of hits under his belt, Johnny Rivers was bursting with creative ambition. In 1966, Imperial Records, under parent company Liberty, accommodated by giving him his own record label to play with. He called it Soul City, which he envisioned as a platform for rhythm and blues acts of the modern, or perhaps I should say mod, variety. Not that any existed yet. The label's hottest act during its four year history was a quintet made up of three men from St. Louis, Missouri and two photogenic women from further east: The 5th Dimension. In the early 1960s, Lamont McLemore and Jersey City girl Marilyn McCoo put together The Hi-Fi's in Los Angeles with a couple of Lamont's friends, Harry Elston and Floyd Butler ... MORE ››

Vinyl Attack Jorgen Ingmann

by Jorgen Ingmann

A 1954 western film starring Burt Lancaster provided the inspiration for a song that would become a major hit in several countries by several different artists...and much more. Apache, an early directorial effort by Robert Aldrich (best known for "The Dirty Dozen") with Lancaster portraying the part of Massai, the last of the mighty Apache warriors ... MORE ››