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Moore's Drifters Infiltrate TV, Pitch Perfect Reigns Supreme, Letterman Finale Jams James

So this cute kid comes out and lip-syncs for his family on a current Xfinity spot. My first reaction: that's Johnny Moore's voice! The song is "Come on Over to My Place" from 1965, one of The Drifters' lesser-known, but no less great, recordings. Hot at the box office: Pitch Perfect 2, starring Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson, finds their all-female vocal ensemble tackling songs from seemingly every era (though it's mostly more recent ... MORE ››

Top 100 Lists

The Coasters

The Coasters kept "Searchin'" and ended up at #38 on the list of the Top 100 One-Word Title Hits of the '50s and '60s! See the full list of super-short titles ... MORE ››

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Dee Clark

Back in the days when even established stars had to drive to and from peformance dates, Dee Clark and Phil Upchurch were making the 800-mile journey from New York City back home to Chicago. The monotonous trip became more challenging by a particularly unrelenting rainstorm, and as Upchurch drove, Clark began to construct a song to the beat of the car's windshield wipers. By the time they reached Chicago he had finished writing the song and later, after his moving performance had been committed to tape complete with sound effects of thunder and rain, it became one of the biggest hits of 1961, a radio mainstay for years to come. "Raindrops" was the crowning achievement of Clark's career, guaranteeing his place in music history. Born Delecta Clark ... MORE ››

Vinyl Attack Steve Alaimo

Every Day I Have to Cry
♦ by Steve Alaimo ♦

As far as I'm concerned, singer-songwriter Arthur Alexander created one of the most emotionally effective songs of the 1960s, though he didn't actually record "Every Day I Have to Cry" until many years later. Instead, it was Steve Alaimo's 1963 version that made the greater impact, though it was only a minor hit at the time. Alaimo didn't exactly become ... MORE ››