Tales from the Atomic Age

Sopranos in the Sky

If there is one coloratura singer who most successfully combined the serious side of operatic stage performing with stardom of a less-serious pop culture kind, it would be Anna Moffo. Her family's Italian background seemed a world away from her birthplace, in 1932, in Wayne, Pennsylvania, but her goal was clear. In 1954 she won the Philadelphia Orchestra Young Artists audition, an annual competition that resulted in an opportunity to study in Rome. She made ... MORE ››

Top 100 Lists

Billy J. Kramer and the Dakotas

Billy J. Kramer and the Dakotas caused a sensation with two songs on the list of the Top 100 British Invasion Hits 1958-1967! Click to check 'em out ... MORE ››

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Four Tops

Through thick and thin, the friends-for-life who called themselves Four Tops were fiercely loyal to one another. Lawrence Payton, Renaldo Benson (known since childhood as "Obie"), Abdul Fakir (just call him "Duke") and Levi Stubbles (the most famous of the four as Levi Stubbs) could have gone the way of other struggling vocal groups considering the lack of career momentum realized during their first decade. As it turned out, they stayed together 43 years until 1997, when Payton's premature death forced the remaining three to continue for a time as The Tops. All four were born and raised in Detroit; Payton and Benson attended Northern High School while Stubbs and Fakir were close friends at Pershing High, about five miles away. During this ... MORE ››

Vinyl Attack The Rebels

Wild Weekend
the Rebels

Tom Shannon was the top dog in what was basically a two-man operation. A disc jockey in the late 1950s at Buffalo, New York's Top 40 station WKBW, he and fellow deejay Phil Todaro had access to a recording studio and called the shots for several bands who lived near Buffalo. Take, for example, the Hot-Toddys of Port Colborne, Ontario ... MORE ››