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There was a simulative alternative to surfing for kids who were too young, or small, or geographically challenged, to participate in what was quite possibly America's favorite '60s pastime. The ever-popular skateboard, about two to two-and-a-half feet long, crossed the surfboard with roller skates. Jan and Dean's collection of surfing hits in '63 and '64 included one about the landlubber's surfboard, an invitation to enjoy the pavement sport called "Sidewalk Surfin'" ... MORE ››

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Johnnie Taylor

Johnnie Taylor has six songs including "Who's Making Love" on the list of the Top 100 Stax-Volt Hits 1961-1969! Check out all the southern soul shots ... MORE ››

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Jack Scott

When Giovanni Scafone relocated from Windsor, Ontario across the river to Detroit, he brought his own brand of Canadian rock and roll with him. It didn't happen right away, since he was about ten years old when he made the move, but by the time he was 22 in 1958, a song about a guy who's 'back in jail again' kicked off a three-year streak of nonstop hits. His teen years in Motor City suburb Hazel Park were filled with one odd job after another to help support a large family, including six younger siblings. Giovanni found time to listen to country radio and learned to play guitar, with his dad's help at first, after which The Southern Drifters were assembled and started making the rounds at small clubs including Bill's Barn in Utica at the north end of the Detroit area. Response to the ... MORE ››

Vinyl Attack Joe Jones

♦ You Talk Too Much ♦
by Joe Jones

There was just too much talkin' going on in the fall of 1960! Joe Jones had been on the fringe of the music business for several years by that time, finally finding a large audience when he complained openly about his woman's incessant yakking. Joe humorously pointed out the problem ('...you even worry my pet!') on one of that year's biggest hits, "You ... MORE ››