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A Few More Notable
Mid-Century Goodies From
Awards Films on the Fringe

Looking beyond the Academy Awards nominees as the movie awards season comes to a close reveals some enduring musical selections from the half-century-plus mark in other notable films. Mahalia Jackson's treasured 1963 recording of one of her signature songs, "I Will Move on Up a Little Higher," comes at a significant moment in Till, starring Danielle Deadwyler, who received several high-profile accolades yet missed ... MORE ››

Top 100 Lists

Billy Ward and his Dominoes

We're going grape with some "Deep Purple" by Billy Ward and his Dominoes on the Top 100 Color Songs of the '50s and '60s! See the multi-hued list ... MORE ››

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Jo Stafford

During the 1940s, when the top-billed women in the music business were usually featured vocalists in big bands, Jo Stafford and Dinah Shore each had an impressive string of hit records as solo acts. Their bandleaders (Paul Weston, in Jo's case) were satisfied to take a back seat to the talent and charisma of the beauty behind the mic. As a result, Dinah and Jo were the era's premier female singers, outselling all others. It was a close call as to which of the two was more successful in those pre-Patti Page days. When the '50s rolled around, each took a different path to retaining star status; Jo changed record labels and continued her chart-topping ways while Dinah moved, rather spectacularly, into the relatively new realm of network television. Jo didn't start ... MORE ››

Vinyl Attack The Reflections

(Just Like)
Romeo and Juliet
♦ by the Reflections

I'm not saying all teenagers had goofy nicknames in the 1950s, but the guys from Detroit's west side that made up the ranks of The Reflections gave it their best shot. Lead singer Tony Micale liked to be called "Spaghetti," while Phil Castrodale went by "Parrot" and Ray Steinberg preferred the tough-guy ... MORE ››