Tales from the Atomic Age

Sopranos in the Sky

The rules of coloratura singing are considerably looser in the production of pop songs; singers with limited range, or less stamina, with far less rigorous training than ambitious opera singers require, can sometimes be used satisfactorily. A singer who worked as such, then, might be better off going uncredited for fear of destroying any opportunity for advancement into the fine arts. But for top 40 fans there were thrills to be had listening to the detached angelic voices swirling ... MORE ››

Top 100 Lists

The Rivieras

"Baby the Rain Must Fall"...when Glenn Yarbrough says it...believe it! He's at #24 on the Top 100 Weather Songs of the '50s and '60s! See the full list ... MORE ››

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The Buckinghams

Chicago, Illinois, for decades the stomping ground of jazz acts, blues wailers and later the smooth, soulful ladies and gents of the '60s, was finally rocking with a vengeance as local bands offered an alternative to the many British groups overshadowing them on their home turf. The New Colony Six, Shadows of Knight, Ides of March, Cryan' Shames and American Breed were among the mostly-teenage guitar-based rockers that emerged around 1966. One such group gained a bit of an edge over the others after landing a regular spot on The All Time Hits, a variety series on Chicago's channel 9, WGN-TV. Hosted by former big band singer Bob Carroll, the show also featured '50s hitmaker Billy Williams and was similar in approach to Your Hit Parade ... MORE ››

Vinyl Attack Dave 'Baby' Cortez

♦ The Happy Organ ♦
by Dave "Baby" Cortez

At the start any career, a person can never be sure of the exact direction he or she will end up taking. This was the case for David Cortez Clowney of Detroit, Michigan. His interest in playing piano stemmed from his father's expertise with the instrument and a sense of wonder he felt at a Duke Ellington concert he was fortunate enough to ... MORE ››