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The boldest fashion yet debuted in 1964 by designer Rudi Gernreich; the topless bathing suit received headline coverage at the time, though its popularity was limited considering strictly-enforced decency laws in effect almost everywhere in America. The Rip Chords found a way around the suggestiveness of the "One Piece Topless Bathing Suit" by revealing in the song's final verse that the wearer was four years old. The lava lamp was a distinctly '60s ... MORE ››

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Little Richard

Good golly! It's living legend Little Richard on the list of the Top 100 Music Artists of the '50s and '60s! Check out the other 99 high-level hitmaking acts ... MORE ››

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Brook Benton

When discussing the subject of the greatest singers who ever lived, Brook Benton's name should come up every time. Why he's underappreciated or largely overlooked in the grand musical scheme of things is a mystery to me. He possessed a rich baritone with those low, low notes always thrown in at the right moment for effect. There are few vocalists of his caliber, and the variety of song types he tackled over the years amounts to nothing less than a highly entertaining body of work. When he passed away on April 9, 1988 of pneumonia brought about by complications from spinal meningitis, I was devastated. He was 56 years old. One of the magnificent singers of our times had left us too soon. Benjamin Franklin Peay (pronounced "P.A.") was born in 1931. Young ... MORE ››

Vinyl Attack Danny Williams

White on White
by Danny Williams

While South Africa-born singer Danny Williams enjoyed his greatest success in England and was also popular for a short time in America, none of his single recordings were hits in both places; it's as though he was a different person as far as fans on either side of the Atlantic were aware. This wasn't necessarily a problem and while his image became ... MORE ››