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McCartney 3,2,1:
'Heaven Sent'
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Hulu is currently streaming the six-part documentary series Paul McCartney: 3,2,1, which reveals far more than one new '...clue for you all," as Sir Paul tells stories about his days with The Beatles and Wings. Award-winning record producer Rick Rubin is not so much the series' host as a friend and discussion activator, playing bits and pieces of great Beatles songs, original and alternate versions from the master tapes, incuding "All My... MORE ››

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Jimmy Jones

Jimmy Jones had two hits on Cub Records, each landing in a high position on the Top 100 MGM Hits 1950-1969! See the full list of "lion label" leaders ... MORE ››

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Johnny Mathis

hen George Avakian, head of the jazz department at Columbia Records, brought 20-year-old singer/track star Johnny Mathis to America's leading record company, it was with the intention of positioning him as a jazz singer, a move that would likely limit his exposure despite the success many jazz artists have attained. Columbia took an unusual tactic with the promising vocalist, skipping the standard procedure of releasing a single to radio; instead, they introduced him to the world with a full album featuring well-crafted versions of standards by the likes of Duke Ellington and Cole Porter and other selections irresolutely more pop than jazz. The world barely noticed...or cared. Turns out it was his destiny to sing popular, tastefully-arranged romantic pop songs ... MORE ››

Vinyl Attack Jim Lowe

Green Door
Jim Lowe

The music career of Missouri-born disc jockey Jim Lowe branched out into country music, big band-style pop, rhythm and blues and novelty recordings. Possessing a deep baritone on-air delivery, he could carry a tune as well and had little trouble getting a contract as a singer with Mercury Records in 1953. He composed his first single, "Gambler's"... MORE ››