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Jamies and Wray Hawk
Taste-Bud Stimulators, Oldies Galore in Angry + Scary
+ Action Movies

As the hot weather season draws to a close, we're reminded that "...the easiest way to enjoy summer" has been with a McDonald's Quarter Pounder; the point has been pounded for a couple of months now with extra oomph from The Jamies' 1958 hit "Summertime, Summertime." Perhaps your fast food goes down well with a sip or three of Jack Daniel's; an advert set to Link Wray's groundbreaking... MORE ››

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The Miracles

Smokey Robinson made his mark with The Miracles, one of the Top 100 Music Artists of the '50s and '60s! See the full list of classic hitmaking acts ... MORE ››

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Tom Jones

A year after all those British artists stormed the U.S. (about two dozen of them seemingly appearing from nowhere to dominate the stateside music scene in 1964), two singers launched a mini-Welsh invasion of their own. Shirley Bassey landed first, early in '65, with "Goldfinger," the most successful song yet from the James Bond series' third theatrical installment in as many years. Tom Jones appeared right after her in the spring, or more accurately was heard, as it was the idea of someone at London Records, the American arm of the U.K.'s Decca, to keep his image a secret. "It's Not Unusual," the impact track that had just hit number one in England, sounded like it could have been by a black singer, or so the label figured, so the song was ... MORE ››

Vinyl Attack The Exciters

Tell Him
by the Exciters

In late 1961, a record called "Follow the Leader" was released on Le Sage Records, a short-lived subsidiary of Old Town. It was by a four-member group of teenage girls from Jamaica, New York called The Masterettes, a female counterpart to local male group The Masters. An oddly structured ballad with strangely incoherent lyrics, it was an unlikely ... MORE ››