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Janis Martin Enlivens Dead, Jose's "Feliz," Gayla's "Hippo" Brighten Season's TV Spots

AMC's The Walking Dead has gone rockabilly with "Bang Bang" by Janis and her Boyfriends, the billing Janis Martin was using in 1958, just before RCA Victor Records dropped the singer once called "The Female Elvis" from its roster. The song was written by Clavelle Isnard, a mysterious music man from the equally enigmatic state of Kansas; how this killer tune, and a deadly barbed-wire-wrapped baseball bat named after B.B. King's ... MORE ››

Top 100 Lists

The Beatles

Ringo, George, John and Paul (and Pete!) lead the list of the Top 100 Music Groups of the '50s and '60s! See the other 99 vocal wonders and cookin' combos ... MORE ››

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Gladys Knight and the Pips

Gladys! A single name that can only have one meaning. Or can it? In recent years, Gladys Knight has been acclaimed as a "legendary" entertainer, while some have gone so far as to call her a "treasure" (as in living, national, American). But then, similar high praise could accurately describe Oscar-nominated British actress Gladys Cooper (Now, Voyager; My Fair Lady, TV series The Rogues), a star whose career stretched from the silents to the '70s. So before you go thinking there's only one famous Gladys...it just ain't so! Gladys George is known for a couple good movies...or 20! She kissed Bogie on the big screen, baby! All right, all right, I'm not ... MORE ››

Vinyl Attack Shelley Fabares

Johnny Angel
by Shelley Fabares

The series premiered on ABC-TV in September 1958 as a vehicle for Oscar-winning actress Donna Reed, arguably the most glamorous of the era's beloved sitcom moms. At the start of the show's fourth season in September 1961, Gidget's former "Moondoggie" James Darren, a recording artist for Colpix Records (part of Columbia ... MORE ››