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The boldest fashion yet debuted in 1964 by designer Rudi Gernreich; the topless bathing suit received headline coverage at the time, though its popularity was limited considering strictly-enforced decency laws in effect almost everywhere in America. The Rip Chords found a way around the suggestiveness of the "One Piece Topless Bathing Suit" by revealing in the song's final verse that the wearer was four years old. The lava lamp was a distinctly '60s creation ... MORE ››

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Vanilla Fudge

Five songs by Vanilla Fudge make the list of the Top 100 Psychedelic Hits 1966-1969 just a little tastier! Check out all the mind-expanding singles and tracks... MORE ››

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Kay Starr

While growing up in the 1920s and '30s, Kay Starr's parents exposed her to all types of music: classical, blues, jazz, country, big band. Her career as a singer would encompass all of these influences. Interestingly, she usually found herself competing with a variety of artists in a race to hit the charts with the same potential hit song. She wasn't much of a trailblazer when it came to choosing original material suited to her, but what a voice! The selections didn't have to be tailor made for Kay's talents; she could handle anything and everything. Born Katherine Starks in Oklahoma in 1922 of Iriquois Indian and Irish descent, her family moved to Dallas a few years later. During Kay's elementary school years, family and friends noticed a natural inclination towards singing and before long she was ... MORE ››

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The 45 Archive
Vinyl Attack The Surfaris

♦ Wipe Out ♦
by the Surfaris

Summertime...the perfect season for listening to "Wipe Out" over and over, drumming along on whatever's handy: your car's dashboard, your thighs, with pencils on desktops, sticks on the side of an abandoned building (or your own house if you dare risk mom's wrath) or even - why not? - on a set of drums! During a devil-may-care phase of my life, having gotten pretty ... MORE ››