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Buchanan and Goodman went to the furthest extreme with several "break-in" novelty recordings (using snippets of hits for humorous purposes) beginning with "The Flying Saucer" in the summer of '56; within weeks of the single's release a plethora of imitations appeared including "Out of This World with Flying Saucers" by Dave Barry with Sara Berner, "The Answer To The Flying Saucer U.F.O. (Men From Mars)" by Syd Lawrence and Friends, "Marty on Planet... MORE ››

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The Coasters

That wild and wacky Leiber-Stoller group The Coasters lend a less serious dynamic to the Top 100 Music Artists of the '50s and '60s! See the full list... MORE ››

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Freddy Cannon

Freddy "Boom Boom" Cannon delivered a raucous brand of rock and roll, always big, fast tempo multi-instrument productions featuring, more often than not, a healthy dose of his trademark "Wooo!" shouts. The music was fun, gimmicky, catchy...and popular. Everyone's favorite Freddy-related story seems to be the one about wannabe songwriter Chuck Barris, former NBC page and office worker at ABC who came up with a simple 'down at the amusement park' ditty and presented Cannon's producer Bob Crewe with it. Crewe produced the record, adding roller coaster sound effects and a pipe organ, changing the title to the more-specific "Palisades Park" (the premier New Jersey fun center since 1898!). Freddy gave his usual enthusiastic ... MORE ››

Vinyl Attack The Sweet Inspirations

Shout! Shout!
(Knock Yourself Out)
♦ by Ernie Maresca ♦

Dozens of pool halls could be found in the Bronx in the 1950s, regular hangouts for mostly-male patrons residing in New York's smallest borough. Dion DiMucci often ran into Ernie Maresca attempting to sink one in the corner pocket and their casual friendship turned out to be beneficial to both, professionally... MORE ››